Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Classes and construction continue for May 8th

Sisters of St. John Bosco in Yelleswaram, India, are helping Fr. Varghese teach the faithful in preparation for May 8th Confirmations. Around 200 candidates aged 12-45 will be standing up before Archbishop Prakash Mallavarapu of the Archdiocese of Visakhapatnam.
Volunteers are laying the last framework for a new stage for the event, since Holy Family Church is too tiny to hold the projected overflow crowds. Today, Fr. Varghese said families were working in 43-degree Celsius temperatures (that's 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit)! The foundation is scheduled to be poured tomorrow, and Father promises to send more photos. The deadline for completing the stage is very tight and funds are scarce, so please keep Holy Family Mission in prayer. Any funds sent through this site's donation button at right will be sent in their entirety to aid the Mission in preparing for its Confirmation ceremony on May 8th. 

See more photos and info. about their stage project here.

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