Thursday, May 16, 2013

Going door-to-door, construction hazards and more...

A volunteer takes a work-break for a meal. Fr. Varghese
feeds workers who put in many hours preparing his mission
for June 2nd.
Confirmations are little more than two weeks away and Fr. Varghese and his people are going door-to-door through villages begging funds to cover costs. The last weeks have been exciting...and grueling. Temperatures have reached as high as 109-degrees F. Work on mission projects has stalled several times as funds ran low for supplies. A couple days ago, a worker fell 15 feet off the new stage roof, and Fr. Varghese ran to do first aid. He said the man is strong, and recovering. The focus remains on the spiritual formation of those being Confirmed. But volunteers of all ages have also tackled these other projects: Ongoing cleaning of church and grounds, whitewashing the presbytery, building a stage to host the event, constructing a much-needed staircase to the roof of the presbytery, canvassing door-to-door for donations.
Members of the "Mariadalem Sodality" tidy up around the mission.
It's not all work around the mission. Cricket, anyone?
Their mission Archdiocese of Visakhapatnam is struggling too much financially to offer Holy Family Church special help for its June 2nd event, the first Confirmations held in Yelleswaram in 10 years. Ever since Easter week, when parishioners learned around 200 faithful would be confirmed on June 2nd and that their Archbishop would be coming for this historic event, they have been volunteering in every way to make the day a success. A new "Fundly" campaign has been launched to help raise needed funds. Click on the title of the campaign link at top right box, see some more great photos and a description and list of needs, and become a "supporter" for free, or a donor.   

Regular chores at the mission continue, such as cleaning 
church candlesticks and tamarind fruit harvesting. 
The pod-like tamarind is used in cooking and 
in traditional medicines.

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