Saturday, June 1, 2013

The "wonder of a stage" unfolds in time for Confirmation

Several days ago, workers put final touches on the stage.

Inspired. That's the only explanation for how the "untouchables" of Holy Family Mission have built what Fr. Varghese has called "the wonder of a stage." The missionary was still door-to-dooring late into the evening with his people just a few days ago, trying to raise funds for paint to finish their incredible project. It's a sight to behold! Built largely through volunteer labor of "coolies" of all ages in India...factory workers, cashew nut gatherers, coal miners. And all since Easter! These people truly are inspired. Final preparations are being completed right now and the Archbishop will be arriving for Confirmations tomorrow. Pray for this mission that their event runs beautifully. Another miracle? The region's 116-degree F. weather broke a couple days ago with a rain storm. Heartfelt thanks to all who have kept this mission in their thoughts and prayers.
Volunteer workers of all ages made this stage a reality.
A newly whitewashed roof on top of Fr.'s little priest
house opens up a whole new room in the sky.
An awning provided some relief during days
when temperatures soared to 116-degrees F.
Receiving a final shipment of bricks.
And soon to be blessed by the long-awaited visitor, 
Archbishop Prakash Mallavarapu of the 
Diocese of Visakhapatnam.

To all the 200-some Confirmandis processing to
their new stage on June 2nd, may the Holy Spirit
greatly bless you!

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