Thursday, July 11, 2013

Holy Family women step forward, serve and pray

Women in the Mariadalem Sodality at Holy Family Mission helped swing sledgehammers and carry concrete to bring down the old crumbling slab and build a beautiful new stage (see posts below) for their mission -- the stage will be a center for feast days and other special events for years to come. The women visited door-to-door to help raise funds for their June 2nd Confirmation ceremony, in which 212 parishioners were confirmed and 2,000 villagers attended. They were everywhere on that day, guiding visitors and helping the Confirmation ceremony go smoothly.

He sees the Dalit or "untouchable" women in the villages uplifted as the are "encouraged to step forward," says Fr. Varghese. The Mariadalem women continue volunteering countless hours to upkeep the mission and its grounds, and participate in the Mass by singing in the choir and stepping up to the podium to do the Scripture readings...but most importantly, they faithfully live out their calling in life day to day and they gather to pray.

This past year, they donned blue sarees to show their devotion to the Blessed Mother and their dedication to help keep the Faith strong in their church. They are mothers, wives, and sisters who are strong role models in their church and neighborhoods. A community thrives when its people are willing to step forward and serve. God bless these faithful women and all they do! Holy Family couldn't get along without them.

Text by M. Bartholomew
Photos by Fr. Varghese

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